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MSHA - 2000 Metal Nonmetal Mine Rescue Contest Logo 2000 Metal and Nonmetal
Mine Rescue Contest
Hall of Fame Inductee

Whitey started his mine rescue career as a laborer in 1953 when he rustled timber for mine rescuers who were fighting a fire at the Homestake Mining Company in Lead, SD. He has served his fellow miners in his mastered a of mine rescue ever since. During his tenure at Homestake, Whitey was active in mine rescue and served his fellow miners during numerous mine rescue and recovery operations. In 1971 he entered the Bureau of Mines as a federal mine inspector, but his mine rescue days were far from over. He resumed his mine rescue role for the government right where he left off in private industry. Through the years, Whitey has been involved in many mine rescue missions including the Sunshine Mine disaster. Along with all the actual missions, he has been instrumental in keeping mine rescue competitions alive and well across the country, as well as helping foreign governments establish competitions of their own. Whitey has been the driving force in the South Central District's regional competitions as well as Metal and Nonmetal National Mine Rescue Contests. He has been the sole trainer for the MSHA Metal and Nonmetal mine rescue team since 1992, and was chosen to train the first International Metal and Nonmetal mine rescue competition team for the 2000 Metal and Nonmetal National/International Mine Rescue Conference/Training Competition.

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