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MSHA - 2000 Metal Nonmetal Mine Rescue Contest Logo 2000 Metal and Nonmetal
Mine Rescue Contest
Hall of Fame Inductee

Richard began his mining career at Magma Copper Company in Superior, Arizona in 1955. He entered mine rescue as a team member and became a team captain during his first 5 years with the Company. He later transferred to the San Manuel Mine where he became administrator for their fire prevention program, as well as for the Magma Superior Mine. In 1968, Richard was promoted to mine safety engineer at the San Manuel Mine, where he continued to administer the mine rescue and fire prevention programs and mine rescue team training. In his career, Richard worked his way through some of the toughest fires in the metal mining industry. He was called to assist in all the Magma fires, some of which lasted for weeks on end, and was called to assist at fires that occurred at other mining companies, as well, where he unselfishly lent his many years of expertise. During his years in mine rescue he trained hundreds of men and was involved in numerous underground mine fires. Through it all, not a single person trained by Richard was ever injured during a mine rescue mission. Richard, now retired, resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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