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MSHA - 2000 Metal Nonmetal Mine Rescue Contest Logo 2000 Metal and Nonmetal
Mine Rescue Contest

Morton Salt-Grand Saline
Team Captain: Randy Rogers
Company Name/Address Team Members
Morton Salt
Grand Saline Mine
Grand Saline, TX
Randy Rogers (Captain)
John Teague, II
Don Maxfield
douglas Lovett
Dale T. Carroll
Stuart Humphries
Rolando A. Fabian
Walt Bryant, Jr. (Team Trainer)
douglas Lovett (First Aid)
John Teague, II (First Aid)
Dale T. Carroll (First Aid)
Walt Bryant, Jr., Team Trainer; Mike Cain, Safety Manager (Official in charge)

Team Photo
Mine Rescuers

July 18 -20, 2000
2000 Metal Nonmetal Mine Rescue Contest

Mine Rescuers

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