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MSHA - 2000 Metal Nonmetal Mine Rescue Contest Logo 2000 Metal and Nonmetal
Mine Rescue Contest

OCI Blue Team
Team Captain: Rick Terry
Company Name/Address Team Members
OCI of Wyoming, L.P.
Big Island Mine
Green River, WY
Rick Terry (Captain)
Bill Mahle
Gary Ruiz
Blake Barney
Brent Skorcz
Matt Cummings
Don O'Lexey
Shane Mitchell
Donald Mattinson (Assistant Trainer)
Tim Musbach (Team Sponsor)
Gary Gomez (Team Trainer)
Dennie Hughes (Benchman)
Blake Barney (First Aid)
Don O'Lexey (First Aid)
Shane Mitchell (First Aid)
Brad Slaughter, Mine Production Superintendent (Official in charge)

Team Photo
Mine Rescuers

July 18 -20, 2000
2000 Metal Nonmetal Mine Rescue Contest

Mine Rescuers

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