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MSHA - 2000 Metal Nonmetal Mine Rescue Contest Logo 2000 Metal and Nonmetal
Mine Rescue Contest

Solvay Silver
Team Captain: Rob Mulinix
Company Name/Address Team Members
Solvay Minerals, Inc.
Solvay Mine
Green River, WY
Rob Mulinix (Captain)
Bob Clement
Brian Liscomb
Joe Thompson
Jm Wold
Ron Niem
Shawn Marshall
Teddy Maines
Pete Kuhn (Bench Trainer)
John S. Angwin (Team Trainer)
Cary Ashley (Benchman)
Rob Mulinix (First Aid)
Joe Thompson (First Aid)
Jim Wold (First Aid)
John S. Angwin, Mine Rescue Trainer (Official in charge)

Team Photo
Mine Rescuers

July 18 -20, 2000
2000 Metal Nonmetal Mine Rescue Contest

Mine Rescuers

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