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Metal/Nonmetal National Mine Rescue Hall of Fame 2006 Metal/Nonmetal
National Mine Rescue Contest

Hall of Fame Inductee


Bob McPhail's mine rescue career began in 1972 when he participated as a member of Hecla's mine rescue team following the Sunshine Mine fire that claimed the lives of 92 miners. He held various positions on Hecla's team and eventually became the team trainer. Bob's teams participated in 19 regional competitions, several National contests, and also traveled to Canada where they competed in 7 different rescue contests hosted in British Columbia. His teams also responded to many actual mine emergencies. Bob was instrumental in establishing the Central Mine Rescue Station at Osburn, Idaho where he served as Director. He also has served on the Metal and Nonmetal National Mine Rescue Advisory Committee since 1986. Bob has recently retired and plans to spend more time with his family in scenic Idaho.