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Metal/Nonmetal National Mine Rescue Hall of Fame 2006 Metal/Nonmetal
National Mine Rescue Contest

Hall of Fame Inductee
Clayton Pellerin


Clayton Pellerin began his mine rescue career in 1972 at the Avery Island Mine of AKZO Salt. During the past 34 years, he has participated in five mine emergencies, including rescue efforts following the Belle Isle Mine explosion in 1979 that claimed the lives of five miners. Clayton has served as map man, rear captain, benchman and assistant team trainer. He has also served in leadership positions with the Southern Mine Rescue Association for several years. He participated in more than 30 Regional Contests, every National Mine Rescue Contest, and was Cargill's Avery Island benchman when his team competed in Poland at the 2004 International Mine Rescue Contest. Clayton's dedication to Mine Rescue is exemplary.