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George Joseph

George Joseph grew up in the South Hills of Pittsburgh in a town called Beechview. He attended the local Catholic school from grades 1 through 8 and later graduated from St. Justin's High School. He's had various jobs from sales, laying carpet, carpentry, and painting, to his final destination in the coal mines. It was then he moved his family to Washington PA. There with his wife Denise, they raised three children, Ronda, Stephen & Rachel. Just after retirement in April of this year, George became grandpap for the fourth time and for those of you who know him, try and picture this...George babysitting his 2 1/2 year old grandson Graden a couple days a week! That's okay though, because he makes sure it doesn't interfere with his weekly golf game.

George Joseph is an honorable man of great conviction, devotion and discipline. As a member of the Bailey Mine Rescue team, it was clear to his family that he was committed to his team both personally and professionally. George embraced the mission and vision of the Bailey Mine Rescue team and gave fully of himself to ensure the safety and preparedness of his colleagues as well as those he trained to rescue. George has always led by example in life, and through his work on the mine rescue team, he demonstrated the truest meaning of hard work, dedication and integrity. The mine rescue team wasn't just a team to George, it was his mine rescue family.