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Metal/Nonmetal National Mine Rescue Hall of Fame 2004 Metal/Nonmetal
National Mine Rescue Contest

Hall of Fame Inductee


In 1975, Mike began his mine rescue career at Texasgulf Inc., in Granger, Wyoming when the company started a new team. Mike was selected as Captain and remained at that post until 1998 when he became Team Trainer for FMC. He competed in many regional competitions across the country and in the National mine rescue competitions. His teams have competed in over 39 competitions and were named National Champions in 1984 and 2002. In 2003, Mike's National champions traveled to Carmichael, Pennsylvania where they made a clean sweep placing first in; Field, First Aid, BG-4 Bench, and Gas - Instrument Bench.

Mike's teams have also come to the aid of miners during three mine emergencies. They responded to the Wilberg Coal Mine fire in 1984, a collapse at the Solvay Mine in 1995, and a fire at FMC in 1998. Mike has also served as an ambassador for the national program where he currently serves on the National Metal and Nonmetal Advisory Committee.