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Metal/Nonmetal National Mine Rescue Hall of Fame 2004 Metal/Nonmetal
National Mine Rescue Contest

Hall of Fame Inductee


John's mining career began in 1971 at Kaiser Steel Coal Company in Sunnyside, Utah where he worked as a laborer and mechanic. Coincidentally, Dave Lauriski was the mine's safety trainer. John then worked for Peabody Coal as a mechanic and moved to the Trona patch and worked for what is now General Chemical. He began his mine rescue career in 1978 as a Map Man and became the Team Captain. His teams participated in many mine rescue competitions, including the Wilberg Coal Mine Fire in 1984.

John changed careers in 1993 when he went to work for National Mine Service as a branch manager in Rock Springs, Wyoming. He is well known throughout the Metal and Nonmetal and Coal mine rescue communities as the guy to call when the going gets tough. Since he is a mine safety specialist and Draegar distributor, he gets heavily involved during mine emergencies and mine rescue competitions. He has responded to numerous mine disasters taking equipment, materials, and his knowledge.

John has worked closely with MSHA developing rules for bench competitions and coordinating bench competitions for regional and national contests. John is dedicated and loyal to the mining community and has unselfishly given his time and talent to assist mine rescue.