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Mining Equipment
Mining Equipment
    If you are about to open a new mining operation, there is some important information of which you need to be aware.

    The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) operates under the authority of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977. MSHA was created to help reduce fatalities, injuries and illnesses in the nation's mines through a variety of activities, including on-site mine safety and health inspections. MSHA inspectors are required by law to inspect every surface mine in the nation at least two times per year and every underground mine must be inspected four times per year.

    Therefore, if you are opening a new mine, you will need to register with MSHA immediately and obtain a mine identification number. Online Filing is available here.

    You should also know that requirements for compliance with the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act and accompanying regulations differ according to the specific type of mining being conducted. For example, the rules and requirements for underground mining are significantly different from the rules and requirements applicable to surface sand and gravel mining.

MSHA has offices in all areas of the nation and our experienced, knowledgeable personnel stand ready to help you comply with all Federal requirements so that you can maintain a safe and healthful mining operation. You are advised to contact the MSHA district manager for the area of the country in which you will operate your mine and have a detailed conversation about MSHA requirements. For a list of contacts, please use the links provided below.

  • Mine Safety and Health Enforcement
  • It is imperative that you contact the MSHA district manager BEFORE you begin any mining activity.

    MSHA offers a comprehensive program of compliance assistance for mine operators nationwide. Additional assistance to operators of smaller mines that employ five or fewer workers can be obtained through MSHA’s Educational Field and Small Mine Services (EFSMS).