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Previous Press Releases -

  • Press Release (1/17/2013)
    MSHA to publish pattern of violations final rule
  • Press Release (11/28/2012)
    MSHA issues potential pattern of violations letters to 4 mines
    Number of operations with chronic violations declining
  • Press Release (11/30/2011)
    MSHA puts 8 mines on notice for potential patterns of violations
  • Press Release (10/13/2011)
    2 West Virginia coal mines formerly owned by Massey Energy receive PPOV notices from MSHA after record-keeping audits reveal unreported accidents
    Administrative law judge confirms federal agency's request for audit information
  • Press Release (08/30/2011)
    MSHA audits uncover injury, illness underreporting at Kentucky mine
    4th operation to be placed on potential pattern of violations status

  • Press Release (08/25/2011)
    US Labor Department's MSHA issues notices of potential pattern of violations to mines in Tennessee and West Virginia
    Second notices issued after backsliding on compliance

  • Press Release (04/12/2011)
    US Labor Department's MSHA places 2 mining operations on pattern of violations status
    Unprecedented enforcement action is first in Mine Act history

  • Press Release (04/06/2011)
    US Labor Department's MSHA announces online tool enabling mine operators to self-monitor for POV screening

  • Press Release (09/28/2010)
       MSHA takes steps to overhaul 'broken' pattern of violations program New criteria developed for screening mines

  • Press Release (09/30/2010)
       MSHA announces tougher POV provisions, responds to OIG audit

  • Press Release (11/19/2010)
    MSHA puts 13 mines on notice for potential pattern of violations
    Mines represent first group to be identified under agency's new screening criteria

  • Press Release (12/20/2010)
    MSHA audit reveals additional mine's eligibility for potential pattern of violations
    Maple Eagle No. 1 Mine in West Virginia had under-reported injuries

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