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The Mine Simulation Laboratory description narrative is accompanied by thumbnail photos and can be viewed in full view by clicking on the thumbnail photos.

Mine Simulation Lab Picture
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The Mine Simulation Laboratory is an above-ground simulated mine that provides hands-on training for MSHA inspectors and mining industry personnel. The 48,000 square foot facility has a simulated coal mine with an indoor burn room on the lower level and a simulated metal/nonmetal mine on the second floor level. The coal mine represents a room-and-pillar setup with four (4) entries and nine (9) crosscuts.

Instructors can arrange different passageways
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Instructors can arrange different passageways and ventilation.

Smokey Mine Simulation
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They can also introduce smoke and make other changes in the laboratory to demonstrate different tactics and principles. A burn room is located on one end of the simulated coal mine. The simulated metal/nonmetal mine contains passageways, tunnels, stairways, and ladders to simulate different manways and other practical aspects of mine rescue problems. Fires are built, under controlled conditions, to teach students the principles of fire fighting and emergency ventilation techniques that may be encountered in a mine emergency.

Mine Fan
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A 100,000 cubic-foot-per-minute mine fan, controlled by solid state electronics, can vary the volume of air delivered throughout the entries and crosscuts in the two simulated mines.

Students are given simulated exercises which provide near actual mine emergency and fire fighting experience unavailable anywhere else in the world. After participating in the simulation training, students leave the Academy with a better idea of how to handle and perform in an actual mine emergency situation.