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The Academy complex includes classrooms and laboratories accommodating 600 students, a residence hall of 174 lodging rooms, a cafeteria, library, auditorium, and wellness facilities.

The campus complex consists of nine buildings, seven of which are adjoining, as described below.

The Classroom Building includes eighteen classrooms and ten laboratories. The Technical Information Center and Library is also located in the Classroom Building.

The Residence Hall is constructed on four levels and has 174 units.

The Administration Building houses administrative and faculty offices, the auditorium, a snack bar, a student store, and a cafeteria that can accommodate 300 students per hour.

The Mine Machinery Laboratory Building is equipped with a full power panel to operate all heavy mine equipment and various other electrical test panels to be used in student instruction.

The gymnasium is a modern, fully-equipped facility suitable for wellness and physical fitness training for students. Wellness facilities include:

The Maintenance and Equipment Building is used for maintenance of Academy equipment. The Publications Distribution Center houses the print shop, publications distribution center, and Academy supply facilities. The Department of Instructional Materials offices are located in this building.

The Mine Simulation Laboratory is a two-story building. The lower level consists of a staging area, rooms and pillars, and a mine fan to simulate a coal mine. The upper level has tunnels to simulate metal/nonmetal mining. The laboratory is used to provide "hands-on" experience in mine rescue, recovery, fire fighting, and mine emergency operations management.

The Mine Emergency Operations (MEO) Building and Mine Rescue Station is located next to the Mine Simulation Laboratory. The mine emergency command vehicles, office trailer, rescue capsule, ATV, emergency generators, and water pumps are housed in this building. Also, the mine rescue station for MSHA's Mine Emergency Unit (MEU) is located inside and contains a full complement of equipment for mine rescue/recovery.