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The National Mine Health and Safety Academy is one of eight Federal academies operated by the U.S. Government. It is responsible for training the mine safety and health inspectors and technical support personnel of the Mine Safety and Health Administration. Mining professionals from across the United States and many foreign countries come to the Academy for health and safety training.

The Academy is located in Beckley, West Virginia, on an 76-acre site near the Raleigh County Airport. The Academy complex consists of nine buildings: The Residence Hall, Administration Building, Classroom Building, Mine Machinery Laboratory Building, Publication Distribution Center, Gymnasium, Maintenance and Equipment Building, Mine Emergency Operations Building, Mine Rescue Station and Mine Simulation Laboratory.

At this facility, students are exposed to a variety of different disciplines in nine different laboratories: roof control, ground control, mine emergency and mine rescue, ventilation, electrical, machinery, industrial hygiene, computer, and underground mine simulation.