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Performance Coal Company
Review of MSHA's Actions
at the
Upper Big Branch Mine-South
Performance Coal Company
Raleigh County,
West Virginia

Review Related FOIA Documents

MSIS data associated with inspections and investigations at UBB, as well as mine plan reviews
Documents associated with AR training and certification for inspectors who conducted inspection activities at UBB during the review period
Documents associated with potential pattern of violations review at UBB
Policy Memoranda 80-27C and 80-14MM, Guidelines for Inspecting Stored Explosives at Mines (November 26, 1980) (ATF)
Uniform Mine File review sheets for UBB
Coal Mine Safety and Health memoranda, including:CMS&H Memo No. HQ-01-017-S, issued on April 13, 2001; CMS&H Memo No. HQ-08-021-A, issued on March 31, 2008; CMS&H Memo No. HQ-08-055-A, issued June 3, 2008; CMS&H Memo No. HQ-06-053 A, issued in 2006; CMS&H Memos HQ-08-058-A and HQ-08-059-A, issued in 2008
September 25, 2009, District 4 letter to UBB re training plan deficiencies
UBB longwall production report for March 9, 2010
Ventilation Plan Review Forms (MSHA 2000-204 Form)
Ventilation plan 6-month review letters from D4 to UBB
Technical Support March 3, 1997 memorandum of partial mine ventilation pressure/air quantity survey at the UBB longwall panel
March 4, 2004 Technical Support memo re 2/2004 methane inundation at UBB
Technical Support May 27, 2004 draft memorandum and final memorandum on July 15, 2004 re degasification holes and suggestions for preventing future outbursts
Technical Support findings re respirable dust controls used on the longwall to District Manager in report dated April 20, 2006
January 31, 2008 letter from District 4 Manager to UBB re MMU being placed in an "abandoned" status
UBB report of March 12, 2006 inundation
Roof Control department Analysis of Longwall Pillar Stability (ALPS) and Analysis of Multiple Seam Stability (AMSS) for two locations at UBB (near crosscut 72 in the headgate, and crosscut 95 in the tailgate) (in written format?)
June 1998 Assistant Secretary memo re continuing training for MSHA inspectors (requiring training on a yearly or bi-yearly basis)
MSHA OJT Responsibilities document
UBB submissions related to the Glory Hole Shaft
Electrical Plans
Ground Control Plans
Impoundments and Blasting Permits
Shaft Sinking Plans
MSHA Forms 2000-86 completed for UBB respirable dust sampling during review period
Documents associated with 84 total methane liberation samples collected at UBB
Documents associated with 3 reported accidents during the review period
Documents associated with 1 technical investigation during the review period
General Dust Control Plan for the Peabody Coal Company's Montcoal Eagle Mine, approved on October 5, 1994
January 4, 1997 District 4 accident investigation of January 1997 methane explosion at UBB
UBB Part 48 Training Plan
UBB Methane and Dust Control Plans - Base plans, supplements, district review documents
2006 UBB Longwall Plans