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Performance Coal Company Performance Coal Company
Upper Big Branch Mine-South
Massey Energy Company
Mine ID: 46-08436
Ventilation Plans

The Ventilation Plan for the Upper Big Branch Mine-South consists of a base plan and then subsequent approved revisions to both the plan and the ventilation maps. It is District policy to require a new base plan as the subsequent revisions become too cumbersome. The current base ventilation plan for this mine was approved on September 11, 2009 and revisions were approved and incorporated into the plan and ventilation maps.

As a part of the release of the accident investigation report release on December 6, 2011, there was the release of more plans and maps. They may be found on this page and are indicated by "added 12/6/2011".

Base Ventilation Plan and Annual Maps

Acknowledgements (Added 12/6/2011)

Ventilation Plan Withdrawls (Added 12/6/2011)

Ventilation Plan Denials (Added 12/6/2011)

Ventilation Map Denials (Added 12/6/2011)

Ventilation Plan Revisions

Ventilation Map Revisions

Pending Ventilation Maps (Added 12/6/2011)

Drill Hole (Added 12/6/2011)

Gas Wells (Added 12/6/2011)

Blasting Plan Letter

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