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The Academy is supported by the Superintendent's Office with the aid of five major organizational units-- the Department of Instructional Services, Department of Instructional Materials, Facilities Support Services, Department of Mining Technology, and the Technical Information Center and Library.

The Department of Instructional Services is responsible for the training of coal and metal/nonmetal inspectors and selected government and industry personnel interested in mine health and safety.  In addition, this department plans, develops, revises and evaluates publications for MSHA and the mining community, and is responsible for the administration of individualized study materials for the nonresident student.

The Department of Instructional Materials is responsible for the development of videotapes and other audiovisuals, desktop publishing and graphics services for the Academy and MSHA. In addition, the department is responsible for printing, distribution, and sale of MSHA education and training materials.

Facilities Support Services is responsible for administrative support to the academic programs, including maintenance of records, budget and procurement, physical plant maintenance, food, housing, security, facility scheduling, reservations, and student enrollment.

The Department of Mining Technology is responsible for developing and teaching courses for MSHA and the mining industry in technical mine safety and health; planning, scheduling, and evaluating instructional programs, workshops, conferences, and seminars for MSHA and the mining industry; planning, scheduling, and coordinating activities conducted in the Mine Simulation Laboratory; and overseeing the on-the-job training program for entry level mine inspectors.

The Technical Information Center and Library has a collection of research and study materials, including periodicals, documents, books, archival material, maps, technical reports, and audiovisuals covering the areas of health and safety, mining engineering, interpersonal communications, management, and other subjects pertinent to the Academy's mission.