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MSHA's Handbook Series
PH21-V-6 — Dam Inspection and Plan Review Handbook
PH20-V-1 — Mine Ventilation Plan Review Procedures
PH20-V-2 — Roof Control Plan and Ground Support Review Procedures
PH20-V-3 — Carbon Monoxide Sensors and Atmospheric Monitoring Systems Inspection Procedures
PH20-V-4 — Health Inspection Procedures Handbook
PH20-V-5 — Electrical Inspection Procedures Handbook
PH20-I-1 — Roadways and Dumping Locations Inspection Handbook
PH20-I-2 — Hazardous Condition Complaint Procedures Handbook
PH20-I-3 — Citation and Order Writing Handbook
PH20-I-4 — Accident Investigation Procedures Handbook
PH20-I-5 — Special Investigations Procedures Handbook
PH19-IV/V-1 — General Inspection Procedures Handbook
PH08-I-2 — Petitions for Modification

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