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Compliance Guide For Part 6,
"Testing And Evaluation By Independent Laboratories
and Non-MSHA Product Safety Standards"

1. Why did MSHA issue this new regulation? 2. What is an "independent laboratory?" 3. How can the acceptance of independent laboratory test and evaluation results contribute to improved miner safety? 4. How will MSHA ensure that products tested and evaluated by independent laboratories are as safe as products tested and evaluated by MSHA? 5. How will MSHA determine if a laboratory is qualified to test and evaluate a product? 6. What documentation must I submit to get a product approved based on independent laboratory test and evaluation? 7. Can I submit an independent laboratory test result for a single test and request that MSHA perform the other tests and evaluation? 8. How can I get my product approved to non-MSHA product safety standards? 9. Will MSHA require the marking of the independent laboratory that performs testing and evaluation of my product for MSHA approval? 10. Can I provide input to MSHA's equivalency evaluations? 11. Can I request MSHA to review a particular non-MSHA product safety standard for equivalency? 12. Will I receive a Part 6 approval number when I submit my product for approval based on an equivalent standard? 13. How often will my product that was evaluated based on part 6 requirements be audited? 14. What must I do if I uncover a defect in one of my products?