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PIB09-01 Potential Safety Hazard on J. H. Fletcher & Co. Roof Bolting Machines with Independent Left and Right Tram Levers - 01/06/2009
PIB09-04 AMS Operator Training Guide and Part 48 Task Training Addendum - 03/03/2009
PIB09-08 Methane Ignitions at Surface Highwall Auger Operations - 05/22/2009
PIB09-09 Re-Issue P07-04 - Clarification of Requirements of Title 30 Code of Federal Regulations §57.11050 Escapeways and refuges - 06/04/2009
PIB09-10 Re-Issue of P00-11 - Nondestructive Testing of Wire Rope -Electromagnetic Testing - 06/05/2009
PIB09-13 Re-Issue P04-06 - Hazards Associated with Surface Mines Intersecting Abandoned or Underground Workings - 07/17/2009
PIB09-14 Re-Issue P06-01 - Compliance with the Testing and Maintenance Requirements of 30 C.F.R. 75.1911(i), Fire Suppression Systems for Diesel-Powered Equipment and Fuel Transportation Units. - 07/17/2009
PIB09-21 Re-Issue P04-03 - Retrofit Program for Caterpillar Model 3306 PCNA Diesel Engines under Approval Numbers 7E-A002 and 7E-B003 - 07/31/2009
PIB09-33 Effects of PVC Cement Vapors on Handheld Gas Detectors
PIB09-36 Re-Issue of P05-05 - Use of Magnets near Remote Control Operated Equipment
PIB09-42 Audits on Permissible Underground Mining Equipment
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