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PIB12-01 MSHA Intrinsic Safety Evaluation Number IA-13827-0 and Information Related to KH Controls Inc. Power Supply Models ISS1 and ISS3 - 1/6/2012
PIB12-02 New Notification Alternatives to Comply with 30 C.F.R. §§ 56/57.1000 - 2/7/2012
PIB12-03 Escape Capsules in Underground Coal Mines - 3/21/2012
PIB12-04 Reissue of P07-06 - Guy Wires of Poles Supporting High-Voltage Electric Power Lines - 3/21/2012
PIB12-05 Reissue of P07-21 - Clarification of Requirements of Conveyor Start-Up Warnings for 30 CFR §§ 56.14201 and 57.14201 - 3/21/2012
PIB12-06 Reissue of P07-19 - Hazards of Sliding Table Masonry Saws - 3/23/2012
PIB12-07 Neutral Start Methods on Mobile Electrical Equipment - 4/3/2012
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