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2014 Program Information Bulletins

PIB14-01 Reissue of P12-08 - Global Positioning System (GPS) and Established Surface Stations or Markers - 2/21/2014

2013 Program Information Bulletins

PIB13-01 Availability of a Report on the Use of the Coal Dust Explosibility Meter - 1/25/2013
PIB13-02 Temporary Suspension of MSHA Approval of the 50 psi MINOVA Gob Isolation Tekseal Design - 3/18/2013
PIB13-03 Operator Respirable Dust Sampling Requirements - Replaces PIB 09-31 - 4/1/2013
PIB13-04 Reissue of P09-39 - How to Change Your Address with MSHA or Request Certain Publications - 6/4/2013
PIB13-05 Realignment of District Mine Inspection Boundaries - 12/23/2013

2012 Program Information Bulletins

PIB12-01 MSHA Intrinsic Safety Evaluation Number IA-13827-0 and Information Related to KH Controls Inc. Power Supply Models ISS1 and ISS3 - 1/5/2012
PIB12-02 New Notification Alternatives to Comply with 30 C.F.R. §§ 56/57.1000 - 2/7/2012
PIB12-03 Escape Capsules in Underground Coal Mines - 3/21/2012
PIB12-04 Reissue of P07-06 - Guy Wires of Poles Supporting High-Voltage Electric Power Lines - 3/21/2012
PIB12-05 Reissue of P07-21 - Clarification of Requirements of Conveyor Start-Up Warnings for 30 CFR §§ 56.14201 and 57.14201 - 3/21/2012
PIB12-06 Reissue of P07-19 - Hazards of Sliding Table Masonry Saws - 3/23/2012
PIB12-07 Neutral Start Methods on Mobile Electrical Equipment - 4/3/2012
PIB12-09 Phase-out Plan for CSE SR-100 SCSRs used in Mining Applications - 4/26/2012
PIB12-10 Report on Coal Pillar Recovery under Deep Cover -7/11/2012

2011 Program Information Bulletins

PIB11-01 Redesign of the Emergency Stop Circuits on Model BHAC Joy Mining Machinery (formerly Stamler Corporation) Battery Coal Haulers - 02/25/2011
PIB11-02 Re-Issue of P09-02 - Filing of Ground Control Plans for Surface Coal Mines - 02/25/2011
PIB11-03 Re-Issue P09-23 - Underground Scoop Accidents - 03/02/2011
PIB11-04 Re-Issue of P09-19 - Tree Cutting on Mine Property - 03/16/2011
PIB11-05 Reissue of P06-10 - Hazards When Transporting Off-Track Equipment - 03/16/2011
PIB11-06 Re-Issue of P07-24 - Use of Portable Roof Drills - 03/16/2011
PIB11-07 Re-Issue of P09-30 - Short Circuit Protection For Trailing Cables Longer Than 500 Feet - 03/18/2011
PIB11-08 Reissue of P07-22 - Operation of Continuous Haulage Systems - 03/18/2011
PIB11-09 Reissue of P06-05 - Requirements of Testing High-Voltage Gloves - 03/16/2011
PIB11-10 Reissue of P04-15 - Transmission of Respirable Dust Samples by Mine Operators and Correction of Dust Data Card Information - 03/23/2011
PIB11-11 Reissue of P07-31 - Use of Fall Protection In, Around, or Over Any Shaft and Conveyance Safety Measures - 03/23/2011
PIB11-12 Reissue of P07-26 - Charging of Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer Batteries - 03/23/2011
PIB11-13 Reissue of P06-09 - Lever Lock Systems Used as Parking Brakes - 03/23/2011
PIB11-14 Reissue of P08-03 - Use of Stabilizers (Outriggers) on Chassis-Mounted Drills and Cranes - 03/23/2011
PIB11-15 Reissue of P09-32 - Safe Design or Retrofit for Safely Resetting the Main Disconnect on Battery-Powered Scoops in Underground Mines - 03/23/2011
PIB11-16 Reissue of P02-05 - Crushing Hazard on Mobile Bridge Conveyor (MBC) - 03/23/2011
PIB11-17 Reissue of P09-41 - Voluntary Program to Evaluate New or Novel Fire Suppression Agents and Devices Used for Manual Fire Fighting Purposes - 03/30/2011
PIB11-18 Reissue of P07-05 - The Danger of Oxygen Deficiency in Underground Coal Mines - 04/01/2011
PIB11-19 Re-Issue of P08-13 - Use of Single-boom Roof Bolting Machines - 04/01/2011
PIB11-20 Re-Issue of P09-26 - Potential Hazard to Roof Bolting Machine Operators Due to Inadvertent Control Actuation - 04/01/2011
PIB11-21 Reissue of P07-14 - Fastenings Used for Joints of Flame-Arresting Paths on Intake or Exhaust Systems for Permissible Diesel-Powered Equipment - 04/01/2011
PIB11-22 Reissue of P08-15 - Fire Suppression Systems Used to Protect Battery Charging Stations and Other Unattended Electrically Powered Equipment in Underground Coal Mines - 04/01/2011
PIB11-23 Reissue of P07-20 - Change to Respirable Dust Data Card - Addition of Pre-Weight Date - 04/06/2011
PIB11-24 Re-Issue of P09-35 - Continuous Mining Machine Safety Features (Main Machine Circuit-Interrupting Device, Remote Traction Motor Circuit Breaker Reset, E-stop Override, Methane Monitor Failure Override) - 04/13/2011
PIB11-25 Reissue of P04-17 - Potential Fire Hazard of Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) Collected on High Temperature Disposable Diesel Particulate Filters (HTDPF) - 04/13/2011
PIB11-26 Reissue of P02-07 - Compliance with Diesel Particulate Matter Standard in Underground Coal Mines - 04/13/2011
PIB11-27 Reissue of P05-01 - Final Effective Date for Underground Coal Diesel Particulate Standard and Availability of Report on Issues Related to High Temperature Diesel Particulate Filters (HTDPFs) Including Laboratory Results on Kindling Temperatures - 06/20/2011
PIB11-28 7000-2 Quarterly Mine Employment and Coal Production Reporting - 04/15/2011
PIB11-29 Protecting Miners from Hazards Related to Rib Falls - 04/21/2011
PIB11-30 Reissue of P05-19 - Use of Mobile Roof Support (MRS) Units for Retreat Mining - 04/27/2011
PIB11-31 Reissue of P07-17 - Test Procedure for Evaluating Maximum Total Exhaust System Backpressure on an Underground Diesel-Powered Machine - 04/28/2011
PIB11-32 Re-Issue of P09-15 - Potential Safety Hazard Related to Explosion of Pumps - 04/28/2011
PIB11-33 Re-Issue of P07-12 - Best Practices for Turning Crosscuts with Remote Controlled Continuous Mining Machines - 05/06/2011
PIB11-34 Responsibility for Proper Assembly and Maintenance of MSHA Approved and Certified Mining Machines and Equipment - 05/06/2011
PIB11-35 Re-Issue P08-02 -- Reporting Deaths on Mine Property - 05/09/2011
PIB11-36 Suitable Hard Hats - 05/10/2011
PIB11-37 Reissue of P06-17 - Delayed Application of Spring-Applied Hydraulically- Released Brakes; Rubber-Tired Diesel and Electric-Powered Equipment, Additional Information Related to Public Information Bulletin Number P06-04 - 05/16/2011
PIB11-38 Re-Issue of P02-04 - Potential Health Hazard Caused by Platinum-Based Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Matter Exhaust Filters - 05/16/2011
PIB11-39 Reissue of P09-38 - Information on Use of Biodiesel Fuel in Underground Diesel-Powered Equipment; Availability of Report - 05/16/2011
PIB11-40 Reissue of P03-15 - Compliance with Diesel Particulate Matter Standard in Underground Coal Mines for Nonpermissible Heavy-Duty Diesel-Powered Equipment, Generators, and Compressors - 05/16/2011
PIB11-41 Re-Issue of P09-11 - Application of 30 C.F.R. §§ 77.405(b), 56.14211, 57.14211, 56.14105, and 57.14105 to Dragline Masts - 05/20/2011
PIB11-42 Run-through Check Curtains - 05/20/2011
PIB11-43 Reissue of P05-20 - Evaluation of Diesel Particulate Matter After-Treatment Devices on Non-Permissible, Heavy-Duty, Diesel-Powered Equipment, Compressors and Generators - 06/20/2011
PIB11-44 Reissue of P07-15 - Potential Safety Hazard on Permissible Mobile Diesel-Powered Transportation Equipment with Sandvik (formerly EJC Mining Equipment, Inc.) Wet Scrubber Systems - 06/20/2011
PIB11-45 Reissue of P08-12 - Technologically Achievable, Administratively Achievable, and Promising Noise Controls (30 C.F.R. Part 62) - 06/20/2011
PIB11-46 Reissue of P07-18 - Maximum Total Exhaust System Backpressure Specification Increase for Caterpillar Inc.'s (Caterpillar's) 3304 PCNA and 3306 PCNA Diesel Engines - 06/20/2011
PIB11-47 Compressed Gas System Leakage - 06/22/2011

2010 Program Information Bulletins

PIB10-01 MSA Topgard Protective Cap with Lamp Bracket & Cord Holder and MSA V-Gard Protective Cap - 01/20/2010
PIB10-02 Examination of Electrical Underground Coal Mine Equipment - 02/25/2010
PIB10-03 Use of Automated Temporary Roof Support (ATRS) Outby Deflector Pads - 03/29/2010
PIB10-04 Safe Access, Fall Prevention and Fall Protection involving Self-Propelled Mobile Equipment - 06/16/2010
PIB10-05 Re-Issue P01-05 - Reporting "Sampling Start Time" on Redesigned Dust Data Card - 06/16/2010
PIB10-06 Low-Weight Gain Respirable Dust Samples Submitted by Mine Operators - 06/18/2010
PIB10-07 Re-Issue P01-06 - Diesel Particulate Matter in Underground Coal Mines - Training Program Guide - 07/08/2010
PIB10-08 Use of Fall Protection at River Loading Facilities - 07/08/2010
PIB10-09 Safety Precautions for Operating Rubber Tired and Track-Mounted Excavators - 07/08/2010
PIB10-10 Inadequate Ventilation - 08/16/2010
PIB10-11 Maintaining Face Ventilation Control Devices - 08/16/2010
PIB10-12 Maintaining Methane Monitors in Permissible and Proper Operating Condition for Mining Equipment - 08/16/2010
PIB10-13 30 C.F.R. § 75.324, Intentional Changes In The Ventilation System - 08/16/2010
PIB10-14 Clarification of MSHA Policy and Regulations Related to SCSRs - 08/26/2010
PIB10-15 Prohibition of Advance Notice of § 103(a) Inspections - 08/26/2010
PIB10-16 Hazardous Condition Complaints and Right to Request Inspections - 09/02/2010
PIB10-17 Miners' Protections against Discrimination for Exercising Statutory Rights and Procedures to Protect those Rights - 09/02/2010
PIB10-19 Realignment of District Mine Inspection Boundaries - 10/22/2010
PIB10-20 Re-Issue of P-03-13-Trailing Cable Overheating On Equipment Cable Reels - 10/25/2010
PIB10-21 Breathable Air, Air-Monitoring and Harmful Gas Removal Components for Use in Refuge Alternatives Consisting of 15-psi Stoppings - 12/09/2010
PIB10-22 Emergency Response Plan (ERP) Reviews of Post-Accident Communication and Electronic Tracking Systems - 12/14/2010
PIB10-23 Re-Issue of P08-08 - Precautions for the Use of the Analysis of Retreat Mining Pillar Stability (ARMPS) Computer Program - 12/27/2010

2009 Program Information Bulletins

PIB09-01 Potential Safety Hazard on J. H. Fletcher & Co. Roof Bolting Machines with Independent Left and Right Tram Levers - 01/06/2009
PIB09-03 General Guidelines for the Use of Numerical Modeling to Evaluate Ground Control Aspects of Proposed Coal Mining Plans - 03/16/2009
PIB09-04 AMS Operator Training Guide and Part 48 Task Training Addendum - 03/03/2009
PIB09-05 Part 100 Safety and Health Conference Procedures - 03/27/2009
PIB09-07 Neutral Start Methods on Mobile Electrical Equipment - 04/16/2009
PIB09-08 Methane Ignitions at Surface Highwall Auger Operations - 05/22/2009
PIB09-09 Re-Issue P07-04 - Clarification of Requirements of Title 30 Code of Federal Regulations §57.11050 Escapeways and refuges - 06/04/2009
PIB09-10 Re-Issue of P00-11 - Nondestructive Testing of Wire Rope -Electromagnetic Testing - 06/05/2009
PIB09-13 Re-Issue P04-06 - Hazards Associated with Surface Mines Intersecting Abandoned or Underground Workings - 07/17/2009
PIB09-14 Re-Issue P06-01 - Compliance with the Testing and Maintenance Requirements of 30 C.F.R. 75.1911(i), Fire Suppression Systems for Diesel-Powered Equipment and Fuel Transportation Units. - 07/17/2009
PIB09-18 Re-Issue of P02-06 - Retrofit Program for Isuzu C240MA Diesel Engines - 07/22/2009
PIB09-20 Re-Issue P97-24 - Portable Methane Detectors Magnetically Attached to Mining Machinery (The "Gizmo") - 07/31/2009
PIB09-21 Re-Issue P04-03 - Retrofit Program for Caterpillar Model 3306 PCNA Diesel Engines under Approval Numbers 7E-A002 and 7E-B003 - 07/31/2009
PIB09-33 Effects of PVC Cement Vapors on Handheld Gas Detectors
PIB09-36 Re-Issue of P05-05 - Use of Magnets near Remote Control Operated Equipment
PIB09-40 CSE SR-MP Expectations Training Unit
PIB09-42 Audits on Permissible Underground Mining Equipment

2008 Program Information Bulletins

PIB08-01 Change to Respirable Coal Mine Dust Enforcement Program - 01/07/2008
PIB08-04 Legal Identity Report, MSHA Form 2000-7; Taxpayer Identification Number - 01/31/2008
PIB08-07 Submission of Respirable Dust Samples using the MSHA Individual Identification Number (MIIN) - 03/31/2008
PIB08-19 Re-Issue of P01-4 - Hoist Examination and Safety Test Requirements - 08/27/2008
PIB08-20 Surface Drilled Coalbed Methane Wells with Horizontal Branches in the Coal Seam - 08/27/2008

2007 Program Information Bulletins

PIB07-10 Notification of withdrawal of MSHA and NIOSH approval for Mine Safety Appliances (MSA) Flow-Lite Sampling Pumps
PIB07-28 Updated Test Questions for Certifying Individuals to Perform Dust Sampling and Maintenance and Calibration of Approved Sampling Equipment (Amended)