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Section 3 Definitions
I.3-1 Definitions of "Operator" and "Mine"
I.3-2 Jurisdiction Over Mine Roads
I.3-3 Jurisdiction Over Alumina Refining Facilities
I.3-4 Jurisdiction Over Coal Loading Facilities
I.3-5 Jurisdiction Over Coal Preparation Plants
Section 4 Mines Subject to the Act
I.4-1 MSHA/OSHA Interagency Agreement
I.4-2 Jurisdiction Over Refractory Mills
I.4-3 Jurisdiction Over Borrow Pits
Section 103 Inspections, Investigations and Recordkeeping
I.103-1 Assaulting, Intimidating or Impeding Inspectors
I.103-2 Company Release Forms
I.103-3 Performance of Work Other Than Inspections and Investigations
I.103-4 Respirable Dust and Noise Sampling
I.103-5 Reporting and Investigating Blocked Passage Through the Tailgate Side of Longwall Mining Operations in Coal Mines
103(a) Mandated Inspections
103(a) Authority to Inspect - Authorization for Representatives
103(a) Authority to Conduct Special Investigations - SI Credentials
103(a) Advance Notice
103(a) Denials of Entry
103(f) Rights of Participation in Inspection Activity
103(g) Referrals of Hazardous Condition Complaints
103(g) Special Complaint Inspections
103(i) Required Hazardous Spot Inspections
103(j) Mine Accident and Rescue, Recovery and Preservation of Evidence
Section 104 Citations and Orders
I.104-1 Flagrant Citations and Orders
104(a) Citations and Orders
104(d) Unwarrantable Citations and Orders
104(d)(1)/(e)(1) Guidelines for Determining "Signifigant and Substantial" Violations
104(d)(2) Unwarrantable Failure Orders
104(f) Respirable Coal Dust Citations
104(g)(1) Orders of Withdrawal - Untrained Miners
104(h)and 107(d) Vacating Citations and Orders
Section 105 Procedures for Enforcement
105(b) Additional Penalties for Failure to Abate Violations Within Permitted Time
105(c) Investigating and Processing of Discrimination Complaints
105(d) Handling of Contests of Citations and Orders
Section 107 Imminent Danger
107(a) Imminent Danger
107(d)/107(e) Vacating Imminent Danger Orders
Section 108 Injunctions
108 Injuctive Action
Section 110 Penalties
110(c) Enforcement Problems or Hazardous Conditions Identified During Special Investigations
110(c) and (d) Investigations of Possible Knowing/Willful Violations

Referral of 110(c) Civil Penalty Cases to the Office of Assessments, Accountability, Special Enforcement and Investigations

110(h) Use of Non-Approved Equipment
Section 111 Entitlement of Miners
Section 203 Medical Examinations
203(a) Chest X-rays