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Hearing on the Emergency Temporary Standard for
Emergency Mine Evacuation

Format Location and Date of Hearing
PDF Version Text Version Lakewood, Colorado - April 24, 2006
PDF Version Text Version Lexington, KY - April 26, 2006
PDF Version Text Version Washington, D.C. - April 28, 2006
PDF Version Text Version Charleston, WV - May 9, 2006

Hearing Submissions Lakewood, Colorado
File Commenter Date Received
AB46-HEAR-1D R. Lincoln Derick, Twentymile Coal Co. 04/24/2006
AB46-HEAR-1E The Employees of Jim Walter Resources, Inc. 04/24/2006
AB46-HEAR-1F Marion Loomis, Wyoming Mining Association 04/24/2006

Hearing Submissions Lexington, Kentucky
File Commenter Date Received
AB46-HEAR-2D Pearl Farler, Bledsoe Coal Corp. 04/26/2006
AB46-HEAR-2E Kentucky Coal Association 04/26/2006

Hearing Submissions Washington, D.C.
AB46-HEAR-3D CAB Rescue Tag Line 04/28/2006

Hearing Submissions Charleston, W.V.
AB46-HEAR-4D Michael J. Wright, United Steelworkers 05/09/2006
AB46-HEAR-4E Tony Bumbico, Doug Conaway, ARCH Coal, Inc. 05/09/2006
AB46-HEAR-4F Mark G. Ellis, Industrial Minerals Assoc. 05/09/2006
AB46-HEAR-4F-A Chris Bryan, Industrial Minerals Assoc. 05/09/2006
AB46-HEAR-4G Jack Henry, Erwin Conrad, Safehouse, LLC 05/09/2006
AB46-HEAR-4H Chris Hamilton, West Virginia Coal Assoc. 05/09/2006
AB46-HEAR-4I Elizabeth S. Chamberlin, CONSOL Energy, Inc. 05/09/2006
AB46-HEAR-4I-1A BruceWatzman, NMA 05/09/2006
AB46-HEAR-4J Elizabeth S. Chamberlin, CONSOL Energy, Inc. 05/09/2006