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Program Policy Letter P06-V-9: Section 2 of MINER Act; Emergency Response Plan, Post-Accident Breathable Air  - Request for Information  Electronic Docket

We are providing PDF versions of public comments involved in the Emergency Response Plan, Post-Accident Breathable Air - Request for Information ( 06-7260).

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Program Policy Letter P06-V-9
Section 2 of MINER Act
Emergency Response Plan, Post-Accident Breathable Air

The comment period for this information request closed October 16, 2006.

File Commenter Date Received
PPL-P06-V-9-COMM-01 Greg Hall 09/26/2006
PPL-P06-V-9-COMM-02 Deidre Mackey - Arch Coal, Inc. 10/12/2006
PPL-P06-V-9-COMM-03 Elizabeth Chamberlin - CONSOL Energy Inc., 10/13/2006
PPL-P06-V-9-COMM-04 John M. Gallick - Foundation Coal Corporation 10/13/2006
PPL-P06-V-9-COMM-05 David C. Hales - New Mexico Coal 10/13/2006
PPL-P06-V-9-COMM-06 Toni Jack on hehald of Ralph Sanich - Interwest Mining Co. 10/13/2006
PPL-P06-V-9-COMM-07 Jerry M. Taylor - Murray Energy Corporation 10/16/2006
PPL-P06-V-9-COMM-08 Alliance Coal LLC 10/16/2006
PPL-P06-V-9-COMM-09 Dale Byram - Jim Walter Resources, Inc. 10/16/2006
PPL-P06-V-9-COMM-10 Stuart Sanderson - Colorado Mining Association 10/16/2006
PPL-P06-V-9-COMM-11 Bruce Watzman - National Mining Association 10/13/2006