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Sealing of Abandoned Areas - Final Rule  Electronic Docket

We are providing PDF versions of public comments involved in the Sealing of Abandoned Areas - Final Rule (07-2535).

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Sealing of Abandoned Areas; Final Rule
30 CFR Part 75

FedReg Doc. 07-6128 - Published May 22, 2007

As per FedReg. 07-6128, the comment period for this information request
has been extended until January 18, 2008.

File Commenter Date Received
AB52-COMM-01 Anonymous 06/27/2007
AB52-COMM-02 George Bennett, Vice President, Manalapan Mining Company, Inc. 07/24/2007
AB52-COMM-03 Congressman George Miller, Chairman, Committee on Education and Labor 07/31/2007
AB52-COMM-04 Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Mine Safety 08/14/2007
AB52-COMM-05 Leonard J. Timms, Jr., Board President,
West Virginia State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers
AB52-COMM-06 Gregory E. Conrad, Executive Director,
Interstate Mining Compact Commission
AB52-COMM-07 A.C. Anderson 08/16/2007
AB52-COMM-08 B. David Cox, Executive Director Kentucky State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors 08/21/2007
AB52-COMM-09 Brian M. Osborn, Engineering Manager, Dana Mining Company, Inc. 08/21/2007
AB52-COMM-10 Tom McNider, Jim Walters Resources, Inc. 09/13/2007
AB52-COMM-11 Gerald Kendrick, Jewell Smokeless CoalCorporation 09/13/2007
AB52-COMM-12 Gaither Frazier, Cumberland River Coal Co. 09/14/2007
AB52-COMM-13 Bill Caylor, Kentucky Coal Association 09/14/2007
AB52-COMM-14 Harry Childress, Cumberland Resources Corporation 09/14/2007
AB52-COMM-15 Nathan Fetty, Appalachian Center for the Economy and the Environment 09/17/2007
AB52-COMM-16 Thomas Wynne, Alliance Coal, LLC 09/17/2007
AB52-COMM-17 Robert Johnson, Chevron Mining Inc. 09/17/2007
AB52-COMM-18 John Gallick, Foundation Coal Corporation 09/17/2007
AB52-COMM-19 Bruce Watzman, National Mining Association 09/17/2007
AB52-COMM-20 Robert Koch, Oxbow Mining, LLC 09/17/2007
AB52-COMM-21 Murali Gadde, Peabody Energy 09/17/2007
AB52-COMM-22 David Hales, BHP Billition 09/17/2007
AB52-COMM-23 Nathan Fetty, Staff Attorney, Appalachian Center 01/18/2008
AB52-COMM-24 James Sharp, Sharpe Media, LLC 01/18/2008
AB52-COMM-25 Philip Molesky P.E., Senior Project Engineer, Consol Energy 01/18/2008
AB52-COMM-26 Bruce Watzman, V.P. Safety, Health & H.R., National Mining Association 01/18/2008
AB52-COMM-27 Murali M. Gadde, David A. Beerbower, & John A. Rusnak, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Report, Peabody Energy, Saint Louis, MO. 01/18/2008
AB52-COMM-28 Thomas M. Wynne, V.P-Operations, Alliance Coal, LLC. 01/18/2008
AB52-COMM-29 Timothy J. Baker, Deputy Administrator Department of Occupational Health and Safety, United Mine Workers of America 08/06/2007