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Proximity Detection Systems for Underground Mines  - Request for Information  Electronic Docket

We are providing PDF versions of public comments involved in the Safety and Health Management Programs for Mines - Notice of Public Meetings (2010-22403).

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30 CFR Parts 56 and 57

RIN 1219-AB70

Metal and Nonmetal Dams

Fedreg. Doc. 2010-19960- Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM)

Published August 13, 2010

Fedreg. Doc. 2010-25248 - Metal and Nonmetal Dams; Proposed Rule, extension of comment period.

Published October 7, 2010

The comment period closed December 13, 2010

File Commenter Date Received
AB70-COMM-1 Jack Caldwell & Lawrence Charlebois - Robertson GeoConsultants 09/09/2010
AB70-COMM-2 George Tapp, P.E. 10/04/2010
AB70-COMM-3 Dan Buxton, P.E. 10/05/2010
AB70-COMM-4 Paul Graves, Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Water Resources 10/07/2010
AB70-COMM-5 Jason Boyle, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources 10/07/2010
AB70-COMM-6 Chris C. 10/07/2010
AB70-COMM-7 Leonard R. Parker, Cliffs Natural Resources 10/12/2010
AB70-COMM-8 Mark A. Locke, P.E., National Design Engineer, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service 11/12/2010
AB70-COMM-9 Jay Kramer PhD, PE, Geotechnical and Mining Engineer, Bioengineering Group 11/23/2010
AB70-COMM-10 Scott Hartman, General Manager, Hecla Greens Creek Mining Company 11/29/2010
AB70-COMM-11 Gonzalo Castro, PE, PhD 12/07/2010
AB70-COMM-12 Pete Jacobson, Managing Director, Colorado Stone, Sand & Gravel Association 12/10/2010
AB70-COMM-13 Lee Lemke, Executive Vice President, Georgia Mining Association 12/10/2010
AB70-COMM-14 Mark Ellis, President, Industrial Minerals Association-North America National Industrial Sand Association 12/10/2010
AB70-COMM-15 Robert E. Snow, P.E., D'Appolonia Engineering 12/13/2010
AB70-COMM-16 Kim Bradshaw, Corporate Safety Manager, ASARCO LLC 12/13/2010
AB70-COMM-17 Alicia C. Duke, Senior Director, Health, Safety Security, JR Simplot Company 12/13/2010
AB70-COMM-18 Joseph S. Casper, Vice President, Safety Services, National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association 12/13/2010
AB70-COMM-19 John R. Caylor, Vice President, Corporate Occupational Health & Safety, Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold 12/13/2010
AB70-COMM-20 Hunter Prillaman, Director, Government Affairs, National Lime Association 12/13/2010
AB70-COMM-21 Jennifer Burns, Office Manager, Association of State Dam Safety Officials, Inc. 12/13/2010
AB70-COMM-22 Bill Ferdinand, Director of Environment, Barrick Gold of North America 12/13/2010
AB70-COMM-23 Bruce Watzman, Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, National Mining Association 12/13/2010
AB70-COMM-24 Pat Morran, Office Manager, Wyoming Mining Association 12/13/2010
AB70-COMM-25 Joergen Pilz, PE, PG, Principal Advisor, Geotechnical Technology and Innovation, Rio Tinto 12/13/2010
AB70-COMM-26 Leonard R. Parker, Cliffs Natural Resources 12/13/2010
AB70-COMM-27 Michael Charles, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Senior manager, Government Relations 12/13/2010
AB70-COMM-28 Gary Spackman, Interim Director, State of Idaho Department of Water Resources 12/21/2010