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Safety Improvement Technologies for Mobile Equipment at Surface Mines, and for Belt Conveyors at Surface and Underground Mines


Request for Information

Fedreg. Doc.: 2018-13603

Published:  June 26, 2018

Announcement of public stakeholder meetings
Fedreg. Doc.:

Comment Period Closes:  December 24, 2018

File Commenter Date Received
AB91-Comm-1 Dennis Johnson, Safety Compliance Manager, United States Lime & Minerals, Inc. 10/09/2018
AB91-Comm-1-1 Dennis Johnson, CAT Detect for Personnel (attachment) 10/09/2018
AB91-Comm-2 Nestora Santos 10/19/2018
AB91-Comm-3 Elisabeth Rademan 11/16/2018
AB91-Comm-4 Jack Sagan, Student at Central College 12/05/2018
AB91-Comm-5 Jerad Heitzler, Martin Engineering 12/18/2018
AB91-Comm-6 Emily Coyner, Senior Director, Environmental Policy, NSSGA 12/18/2018
AB91-Comm-7 Mark Ellis, President, IMA-NA 12/20/2018
AB91-Comm-7-1 ILO Code of Practice of Open Cast Mines (2017), (attachment) 12/20/2018
AB91-Comm-7-2 Recommendations for Evaluating & Implementing Proximity Warning Systems on Surface Mining Equipment, Report of Investigations 9672, NIOSH, (2007), (attachment) 12/20/2018
AB91-Comm-7-3 Mine Safety and Health Research Advisory Committee (MSHRAC) meeting minutes, (November 15, 2017), (attachment) 12/20/2018
AB91-Comm-7-4 (Mine Safety and Health Research Advisory Committee (MSHRAC) meeting minutes, (May 22-23, 2018), (attachment) 12/20/2018
AB91-Comm-8 Charles Rea, Director, Communications & Policy, CALCIMA 12/20/2018
AB91-Comm-9 Thomas Harman, National Mining Association 12/21/2018
AB91-Comm-10 Paul Schulte, PhD. Director, Education and Information Division, NIOSH 12/21/2018
AB91-Comm-10-1 Bellanca J.L., et al. "Mineworkers’ Perceptions of Mobile Proximity Detection Systems", NIOSH, (attachment) 12/21/2018
AB91-Comm-10-2 Hass E.J., Rost K.A. "Integrating Technology: Learning from Mine Worker Perceptions of Proximity Detection Systems", SME Annual Meeting, February 15-18, 2015, (attachment) 12/21/2018
AB91-Comm-10-3 Reyes, Miguel A., et al. "Wireless Machine Guard Monitoring System", NIOSH, (attachment) 12/21/2018
AB91-Comm-10-4 Hass E.J., et al. "Safety Equipment, A Different Perspective, NIOSH Researchers Learn from CM Operator Responses to Proximity Detection Systems", CoalAge, October 2015, (attachment) 12/21/2018
AB91-Comm-10-5 Swanson, LaTasha R. PhD, et al. "Exploring Fit to Improve Mine Safety: A NIOSH Project on Mobile Proximity Detection Systems", NIOSH, Pittsburgh Mining Research Division, (attachment) 12/21/2018
AB91-Comm-10-6 "Sending the Message on Automation and Control", IEEE Industry Applications, Vol. 20, No. 2, ISSN 1077-2618, March/April 2014, (attachment) 12/21/2018
AB91-Comm-11 Hunter Prillaman, Director of Government Affairs and General Counsel, National Lime Association 12/21/2018
AB91-Comm-12 LaRoy Hagenbuch, Director/Chief Engineer, Philippi, Hagenbuch, Incorporated 12/24/2018
AB91-Comm-13 Avi Meyerstein, The Mining Coalition 12/24/2018
AB91-Comm-14 Craig Ross, Ross S&H Consulting LLC 12/24/2018
AB91-Comm-15 Charles Franklin, Vice President & Counsel, Government Affairs 12/24/2018
AB91-Comm-16 David Hakins, VP, Research and Development Electronic Safety, Strata Safety Products, LLC 12/24/2018
AB91-Comm-17 David Hales, Safety Manager, San Juan Coal Company 12/24/2018
AB91-Comm-18 Josh Roberts, United Mine Workers of America 12/21/2018