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High-Voltage Continuous Mining Machine Standard for Underground Coal Mines  Electronic Docket

We are providing PDF versions of public comments involved in the Alcohol- and Drug-Free Mines: Policy, Prohibitions, Testing, Training, and Assistance ( E8-20561) proposed rule.

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Alcohol- and Drug-Free Mines: Policy, Prohibitions, Testing, Training, and Assistance; Proposed Rule The comment period closed 11/10/2008.

File Commenter Date Received
AB41-COMM-1 Peter Cholakis 09/08/2008
AB41-COMM-2 Terry Newton, Nelson Brothers, LLC 09/08/2008
AB41-COMM-3 Lorraine Stuart, SAP 09/09/2008
AB41-COMM-4 Billy H. Orick, Twin Pines Coal 09/10/2008
AB41-COMM-5 James Sharpe, CIH, Sharpe Media, LLC 09/12/2008
AB41-COMM-6 Bruce Watzman, National Mining Association 09/12/2008
AB41-COMM-7 Jim Smiser, Alamo Cement Company Ltd. 09/13/2008
AB41-COMM-8 Jim Smiser, Alamo Cement Company Ltd. 09/15/2008
AB41-COMM-9 Robert Purcell, Safety Specialist 09/15/2008
AB41-COMM-10 Larry R. Evans, Corporate Health & Safety Manager, Oil-Dri Corporation of America 09/15/2008
AB41-COMM-11 Jim Smiser, Alamo Cement Company Ltd. 09/16/2008
AB41-COMM-12 Una Connolly, Associate Vice President, National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association 09/18/2008
AB41-COMM-13 Jerry Piper, Yavapai-Apache Sand and Rock 09/18/2008
AB41-COMM-14 Dennis O'Dell , United Mine Workers of America 09/15/2008
AB41-COMM-15 Michael Hampton, CSP, ARM, Director Regulatory Compliance, Headwaters Inc. 09/22/2008
AB41-COMM-16 Judith Rivlin, United Mine Workers of America 09/22/2008
AB41-COMM-17 Michael L. Joseph, Teco Energy 09/22/2008
AB41-COMM-18 Amy O�Neil, M&M Excavating, Inc. 09/23/2008
AB41-COMM-19 James Keith Peterson, Lehigh Cement Co. 09/22/2008
AB41-COMM-20 William B. Snyder, RBS Inc. 09/23/2008
AB41-COMM-21 Woody Johnson Sanderson, Central Stage Aggregates LLC. 09/23/2008
AB41-COMM-22 Scott McCullough, McCullough Crushing 09/23/2008
AB41-COMM-23 Robert Swotinsky, MD, Fallon Clinic 09/24/2008
AB41-COMM-24 David Sheer, Owner, D.A.S. Sand & Gravel, Inc. 09/25/2008
AB41-COMM-25 Jake Drenth, Drenth Brothers, Inc. 09/25/2008
AB41-COMM-26 Allen Dupree, Vice President, Health and Safety, Alpha Natural Resources, LLC 09/26/2008
AB41-COMM-27 James Johnson, Engineer, Leelanau County Road Commission 09/26/2008
AB41-COMM-28 The Honorable Robert C. Byrd, United States Senate 09/23/2008
AB41-COMM-29 David Carlson 09/29/2008
AB41-COMM-30 Jacci Gamble Safety Director, Conco Quarries 09/29/2008
AB41-COMM-31 Larry Hoffman, Blue Range Engineering Co., Inc. 09/28/2008
AB41-COMM-32 Gary Woods, DMC Mining Contractors 09/29/2008
AB41-COMM-33 Albert Galliano, Northeast Solite Corporation 09/30/2008
AB41-COMM-34 AC Rodriguez, Workplace Safety Consultants 09/30/2008
AB41-COMM-35 Mike McCarthy, Safety Director, Lentz Sand & Gravel, L.L.C. 10/01/2008
AB41-COMM-36 Jim Rodine, Steam Beer Mining LTD 10/01/2008
AB41-COMM-37 Shawn Young, Southern Ute Growth Fund 10/01/2008
AB41-COMM-38 Jay Molyneaux, Safety Director 10/02/2008
AB41-COMM-39 Linda Maddy, Office Manager, White Rock Quarries 10/02/2008
AB41-COMM-40 Wendy Ortman, Director of Administration, Baker Rock Resources 10/02/2008
AB41-COMM-41 Doug Vernon, Safety Director, Scotty's Contracting & Stone, LLC 10/03/2008
AB41-COMM-42 Gary Carmack, Southwest Laboratories 10/02/2008
AB41-COMM-43 Don Gutjahr, Excalibar Minerals LLC 10/03/2008
AB41-COMM-44 JR Payne, White Rock Quarries 10/03/2008
AB41-COMM-45 Thomas Mattics, Ash Fork Cinders 10/05/2008
AB41-COMM-46 Mike Stevinson, Safety Director/Mine Engineer, WBS Inc./SSS Inc./HEX Inc. 10/06/2008
AB41-COMM-47 Jasper G. Stem, North Carolina Aggregates Association 10/06/2008
AB41-COMM-48 Robert M. Jimenez, Rodman LLC 10/06/2008
AB41-COMM-49 Charlie Jones, Safety Director, LBM Industries, Nantahala Talc and Limestone Inc 10/06/2008
AB41-COMM-50 Mary Beth Varak, Thelen Sand & Gravel 10/07/2008
AB41-COMM-51 Zach Knoop, Safety Director, Knife River Corporation 10/07/2008
AB41-COMM-52 Mark Clark, VP of Aggregate Operations & Rich Szecsy, VP of NPD and Risk Management 10/07/2008
AB41-COMM-53 Randall D. Bailey, Vice President, Bailey Quarries, INC. 10/07/2008
AB41-COMM-54 Jonathan Downing, Executive Vice President, Wyoming Contractors Association (WCA) 10/08/2008
AB41-COMM-55 Glen A. Young & Leonard Bailey, United Mine Workers of America Local # 1924 10/07/2008
AB41-COMM-56 Rick, Norris Aggregate Products Company 10/08/2008
AB41-COMM-57 C. David Morrison, Steptoe & Johnson Attorneys At Law 10/08/2008
AB41-COMM-58 Ted Shults, Chairman, American Association of Medical Review Officers 10/08/2008
AB41-COMM-59 William M. Ruark, Meshoppen Stone, Inc 10/08/2008
AB41-COMM-60 Dr. Jennifer Collins, Director of Forensic Toxicology, MEDTOX Laboratories, Inc. 10/08/2008
AB41-COMM-61 Elizabeth Morris 10/08/2008
AB41-COMM-62 Dennis O'Dell , Occupational Safety and Health, United Mine Workers of America 10/03/2008
AB41-COMM-63 Ed Foster, Risk Manager, Hall Irwin Corporation 10/09/2008
AB41-COMM-64 Randy Harris 10/09/2008
AB41-COMM-65 Tom Oxholm, Wake Stone Corporation 10/09/2008
AB41-COMM-66 Mary Hauck, Vice President, Human Resources, Westmoreland Coal Company 10/09/2008
AB41-COMM-67 Mary Jane Dow, LPC, Blomquist Hale Consulting 10/11/2008
AB41-COMM-68 Sharon Mitchell, PHR, Consultant, Human Resource Professionals, Inc. & Hatch Enterprises, Inc. 10/13/2008
AB41-COMM-69 Jeffrey LaBarge, CSP, ARM 10/13/2008
AB41-COMM-70 Toby Wright, PG, Environmental Manager, Uranium One USA 10/14/2008
AB41-COMM-71 Jerry Neels, Safety & Environmental Manager, Delta Companies, Inc. 10/14/2008
AB41-COMM-72 Derek Steadman, Treasure Canyon Calcium 10/14/2008
AB41-COMM-73 Frank McAllister, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Stillwater Mining Company 10/14/2008
AB41-COMM-74 Jonathan Downing, Executive Vice President 10/15/2008
AB41-COMM-75 Tim McCreary, Safety Manager, Thunder Basin Coal Co 10/15/2008
AB41-COMM-76 Gary Perrey, Columbia Quarry Company 10/08/2008
AB41-COMM-77 Richard Cohn, Ph.D., DrugScan, Inc. 10/08/2008
AB41-COMM-78 M. Pasek, Dig M Excavation Services, Inc. 10/08/2008
AB41-COMM-79 James Dean Male, Golden Predator Mines Inc, US 10/08/2008
AB41-COMM-80 Chris Kearnes, The Frazier Quarry, Inc 10/15/2008
AB41-COMM-81 Stephen Chambliss, HSLP Compliance Representatives, Phoenix/Lone Tree Mines 10/16/2008
AB41-COMM-82 Ron Mims, Director of Safety and Industrial Relations, Alamo Cement Company, Ltd. 10/17/2008
AB41-COMM-83 Don Gutjahr, Excalibar Minerals LLC 10/07/2008
AB41-COMM-84 Dennis Paquette, Florida Canyon Mining, Inc. 10/08/2008
AB41-COMM-85 Mitchel W. Little, CIH, CSP, ESH Manager, Connell Resources, Inc. 10/08/2008
AB41-COMM-86 Thomas R. Scott President and CEO of River Products Company, Inc & Joy Wilson President, National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association 10/06/2008
AB41-COMM-87 James McCaffrey, Senior Vice President, Material & Supply Chain / Land, CONSOL Energy Inc. 10/16/2008
AB41-COMM-88 Tim McCreary, Safety Manager, Thunder Basin Coal Company 10/20/2008
AB41-COMM-89 W. Randolph Hatch, President & Sharon H. Mitchell, PHR, Consultant, Hatch Enterprises, Inc. 10/20/2008
AB41-COMM-90 Bill Ferdinand, Director, Environment, Health and Safety, Barrick Gold of North America, Inc. 10/21/2008
AB41-COMM-91 David Hales, CMSP, Health & Safety Superintendent, San Juan Coal Company 10/22/2008
AB41-COMM-92 Richard Wooten, Health & Safety Supervisor, Cotter Corporation 10/23/2008
AB41-COMM-93 Jim Manuel, Manager-Safety, Consol Energy 10/23/2008
AB41-COMM-94 Steve Trussell, Arizona Rock Products Association 10/21/2008
AB41-COMM-95 Bill Garland 10/24/2008
AB41-COMM-96 Daren Palizzi, Vice President, Jones Fine Sand Company 10/24/2008
AB41-COMM-97 David G. Turcotte, Director of Safety & Loss Control, Coeur d�Alene Mines Corporation 10/24/2008
AB41-COMM-98 Theodore E. Tennant, Jr. Director, Safety, White Rock Quarries 10/27/2008
AB41-COMM-99 Jack Cottrell, Manager, Corporate Health and Safety, Kinross Gold U.S.A., Inc. 10/27/2008
AB41-COMM-100 Michael L. Hendrix, Risk Manager, Sloan Construction Company Inc. 10/27/2008
AB41-COMM-101 Bill Houghton, General Manager, Dixie Lime & Stone Company 10/27/2008
AB41-COMM-102 Stuart Sanderson, President, Colorado Mining Association 10/27/2008
AB41-COMM-103 James T. Cooper, President, Oxbow Mining, LLC. 10/28/2008
AB41-COMM-104 Steven R. Lewis, Manager of Human Resources, Oxbow Mining, LLC. 10/28/2008
AB41-COMM-105 Donald M. James, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Vulcan Materials Company 10/28/2008
AB41-COMM-106 Dr. Donna Smith, Regulatory Affairs & Program Development Officer 11/01/2008
AB41-COMM-107 Joyce Gable, Gable Stone Company 10/29/2008
AB41-COMM-108 Pam Beltz 10/28/2008
AB41-COMM-109 Mark Compton, Northwest Mining Association 10/29/2008
AB41-COMM-110 Rick Baker, Kinross Gold USA, Inc. 10/29/2008
AB41-COMM-111 Lee Coogan, Executive Director 10/29/2008
AB41-COMM-112 Donald W. Lamb, Director of Safety & Training, Armstrong Coal Company 10/30/2008
AB41-COMM-113 Steven F. Leer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Arch Coal, Inc. 10/30/2008
AB41-COMM-114 James Sharpe, Sharpe Media, LLC 10/31/2008
AB41-COMM-115 Steve Lewis, Manager of Human Resources, Oxbow Mining, LLC 11/03/2008
AB41-COMM-116 Mark A. Wilson, Vice President of Safety and Human Resources, Greer Industries, Inc. 11/07/2008
AB41-COMM-117 Hunter Moore, Director of Safety, Boxley 11/03/2008
AB41-COMM-118 David Arnolds & Mark Premo, Chevron Mining Inc 11/03/2008
AB41-COMM-119 John Henriksen, Executive Director, Illinois Association of Aggregate Producers 11/04/2008
AB41-COMM-120 Mark E. Amodei, President, Nevada Mining Association 11/04/2008
AB41-COMM-121 Jeff Harris, EH&S Manager/Mine Manager, J.M. Huber 11/04/2008
AB41-COMM-122 Jerry Glynn, Chairman CSGGA Safety Committee, Colorado Stone, Sand & Gravel Association 11/05/2008
AB41-COMM-123 Donald R. Lindsay, President & Chief Executive Officer 11/04/2008
AB41-COMM-124 Henry Chajet, MARG, Patton Boggs LLP. 11/06/2008
AB41-COMM-125 Jeff Bittner, Site Operations Manager, Carmeuse Lime & Stone 11/06/2008
AB41-COMM-126 Bruce E. Lundegren & Shawne C. McGibbon, SBA Office of Advocacy 11/06/2008
AB41-COMM-127 Patrick Jacomet, Executive Director, Ohio Aggregates & Industrial Minerals Association 11/06/2008
AB41-COMM-128 Michael L. Joseph, Safety Department, Perry County Coal Corporation 11/07/2008
AB41-COMM-129 Mark D. Miller, Area Loss Prevention Manager, Carmeuse Lime & Stone 11/07/2008
AB41-COMM-130 Mike McCall, Chief Operating Officer, Luminant Mining 11/07/2008
AB41-COMM-130(a) Dave Blankenship, Director, Safety & Environmental Affairs, TECO Coal Corporation 11/07/2008
AB41-COMM-131 Elizabeth S. Chamberlin, Vice President-Safety and Training, Massey Energy 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-132 Anthony Whitworth 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-133 Thomas Harman, Portland Cement Association 11/07/2008
AB41-COMM-134 Michael L. Clowser, Executive Director, West Virginia Crushed Aggregates Council 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-135 Ed Reinders Area Loss Prevention Managers, Steve Powell, Jim Bottom, Area Operations Manager, Carmeuse Lime and Stone 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-136 Brian D. Horvath, Plant Production Manager, Carmeuse Natural Chemicals 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-137 Bill K. Caylor, Kentucky Coal Association 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-138 Hugh L. Talbert, Area Loss Prevention Manager, Carmeuse Lime & Stone 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-139 Hunter L. Prillaman, Director, Government Affairs, National Lime Association 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-140 Dennis O'Dell , Department of Occupational Health and Safety, UMWA 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-141 Warren K. Brown, President, American Society of Safety Engineers 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-142 Susan J. Flanagan, Counsel Environment, Safety & Health, Institute of Makers of Explosives 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-143 Bruce Watzman, Sr. Vice President, National Mining Association 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-144 Duke D. Vetor, Cliffs Natural Resources 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-145 Randy Rabinowitz, Counsel for (USW) United Steelworkers 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-146 Stuart Roberts, Production Manager Maple Grove Operation, Carmeuse Lime & Stone 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-147 David Roberson, President, Alabama Coal Association 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-148 L. Anthony George, Holme Roberts & Owen LLP 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-149 Jason G. Bish, Vice President of Safety, Fred Weber Inc. 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-150 Charles L. Rea, Director Communications & Policy, CIMA 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-151 Raymond G. DuBois, President & General Manager, Trapper Mining Inc. 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-152 Edward M. Green, Daniel W. Wolff & Thomas P. Gies, Crowell & Moring LLP 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-153 Joe Weber, Area Loss Prevention Manager, Carmeuse Lime and Stone, Inc 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-154 Josephine Elizabeth Kenney, J.D. Senior Vice President of Compliance Occupational Health Group Employment Screening Services Division, First Advantage 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-155 Gerald Kendrick, Manager of Health and Safety, Jewell Resources Corporation 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-156 Michael Herges, Safety & Health Services Manager, Granite Rock Company 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-157 Mike Crum, CSP, FMC Green River 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-158 Terry Whitt, Vice President of Human Resources, Drummond Company, Inc. 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-159 Alfred Francis, Operations Manager, Navajo Coal Company 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-160 Juan Nieves, Plant Manager Buffington Operation, Carmeuse Lime and Stone 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-161 Ron Vessell, Plant Manager, Portage Operations, Carmeuse Lime and Stone 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-162 Donald Brisch, Plant Manager, Rockwell Operation, Carmeuse Lime and Stone 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-163 Brenda Doucette-Carter, Plant Manager, South Chicago Operation, Carmeuse Lime and Stone 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-164 Bob Hogan, President & CEO, AmerCable Inc. 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-165 Ricky Alicea, President, Board of Directors AIPA 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-166 Sam L. Hollins, Aggregates Program Manager, VTCA 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-167 Mark Ellis, President, Industrial Minerals Association-North America 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-168 Charles G. Snavely, Senior Vice President-WV & Northern Region Operations, International Coal Group, Inc. 11/10/2008
AB41-COMM-169 Stuart A. Sanderson, President, The Colorado Mining Association 11/10/2008