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Final Rules

FOR 2008
[FedReg E8-2226]
30 CFR Part 100 - Criteria and Procedures for Proposed Assessment of Civil Penalties; Final Rule
[FedReg 08-551]
Mine Rescue Teams; Final Rule
[FedReg E8-3828]
Asbestos Exposure Limit; Final Rule
[FedReg 08-1152]
Sealing of Abandoned Areas; Final Rule
[FedReg E8-10662]
Sealing of Abandoned Areas; Correcting amendments
[FedReg E8-21448]
Fire Extinguishers in Underground Coal Mines
[FedReg E8-21449]
Mine Rescue Team Equipment
[FedReg E8-30639]
Flame-Resistant Conveyor Belt, Fire Prevention and Detection, and Use of Air From the Belt Entry; Final Rule
[FedReg E8-30669]
Refuge Alternatives for Underground Coal Mines; Final Rule

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