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Agency:  Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)

Agency Contact for Implementation of the Peer Review Bulletin

Name and title: Sheila McConnell (Director, Office of Standards, Regulations, and Variances)
Email address:  McConnell.Sheila.A@DOL.GOV
Phone number:   202-693-9440

URL for Agency’s Peer Review Agenda

What pathway(s) can a member of the public use to find the Agency’s peer review agenda if she/he did not have this URL? 
X   Link from Departmental or Agency home page,

Does the agenda provide links to peer review reports for all completed peer reviews?   No.

Have you checked to make sure all of the information and links on the agency’s peer review home page are current?  Yes


Number of peer reviews conducted subject to the Bulletin in FY18.  (see instructions for what should and should not be included here). 

Number of influential scientific information peer reviews (ISI) (not including highly influential scientific assessments)  ___0______


Number of highly influential scientific assessments (HISA)   ________     
List the title of each HISA. Indicate whether the Peer Review Report has been Completed (Y/N) add more lines as needed



Provide the titles of ISIs and HISIs for which Waivers (W), Deferrals (D), or Exemptions (E) were invoked or Alternative Procedures used (A).  If deferral is marked, please indicate the duration of the deferral.

Title of Document                                                      Type of Document          W, D, E, or A
ISI or HISA               (and duration)




Number of peer reviews that included at least one peer reviewer appointed pursuant to any exception to the applicable independence or conflict of interest standards of the Bulletin, including determinations by the Secretary or Deputy Secretary pursuant to Section III (3) (c)?

Number of ISIs (not including highly influential scientific assessments) __0____

List titles


Number of HISAs  ____0__

List titles


Number of peer review panels that held public meetings:
Number of ISIs  (not including highly influential scientific assessments)__0_____
Number of HISAs  ________

Number of peer review panels that allowed public comment:
Number of ISIs  (not including highly influential scientific assessments)___0____
Number of HISAs  ________

Number of public comments provided on the agency’s peer review plans during FY’18, regardless of whether the peer review was actually completed during FY’18 ____0_____

Number of times agency specifically solicited peer reviewer nominations from professional societies.  ______0_____   
If such nominations were solicited, were any recommendations provided?  Yes ___    No ___