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FOR 2010
[FedReg 2010-23789] RIN 1219-AB76
Maintenance of Incombustible Content of Rock Dust in Underground Coal; Emergency Temporary Standard; public hearings; close of comment period [09/23/2010]

FOR 2007
[FedReg 07-2535] RIN 1219-AB52
Sealing of Abandoned Areas; Final Rule

FOR 2006
[FedReg 06-2255] RIN 1219-AB46
Emergency Mine Evacuation; Final Rule

FOR 2002
[FedReg 02-31358] RIN 1219-AB33
Emergency Evacuations; Emergency Temporary Standard; Final Rule

FOR 1987
[FedReg 87-14764 and 87-14977] Underground Coal Mining; Self-Contained Self-Rescue Devices; Emergency Temporary Standard and Proposed Rule

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