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§ 75.1914(f)(1) Weekly Examinations and Tests of Permissable Diesel powered Equipment
Section 75.1914(f) requires that all permissible diesel-powered equipment be examined and tested weekly by a qualified person using approved checklists. Manufacturers are updating existing permissibility checklists to indicate those examinations and tests which must be performed on a weekly basis. Listed below are the equipment manufacturers for whom we have checklists. These links will take you to a specific manufacturer's table that shows models and approval numbers, for which updated permissibility checklists have been developed. These checklists are available from the equipment manufacturer.

The following permissibility checklists are provided to you in PDF .

Manufacturers For Which Permissibility Checklists Are Availiable

  1. Atlas Copco Wagner Incorporated

  2. CONSOL Inc. and Phillips Machine Service

  3. EIMCO Coal Machinery

  4. GETMAN Corporation Machinery

  5. J. H. Fletcher and Company

  6. Jeffery Mining Products

  7. Petitto Mine Equipment Repair, Inc

  8. Tamrock USA Incorporated