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§ 75.1914(g) Weekly Examinations and Tests of Permissable Diesel powered Equipment

Weekly Testing of Undiluted Exhaust Emissions

Section 75.1914(g) requires mine operators to develop and implement written standard operating procedures for weekly testing and evaluation of undiluted exhaust emissions from permissible and heavy-duty diesel-powered equipment in use underground. A report entitled "AN EMISSIONS ASSISTED MAINTENANCE PROCEDURE (EAMP) FOR DIESEL- POWERED EQUIPMENT", has been prepared by the Center for Diesel Research at the University of Minnesota under NIOSH sponsorship and is available to assist mine operators in complying with this requirement. This report contains the results of extensive laboratory and field testing of diesel-owered equipment, a complete description of the procedures followed and equipment used, and a discussion of the underlying engineering principles.

Printed copies of the report are available and can be requested by contacting Jim Angel by phone at 304-547-2064 or by e-mail at Currently these forms are not in electronic format. We will be mailing your requested copy by regular mail. To assist us with your request, please be certain to provide a mailing address with your e-mail request.