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§ 75.1914(g) Weekly Examinations and Tests of Permissable Diesel powered Equipment

Section 75.1914(g) requires that undiluted exhaust emissions of engines in diesel-powered equipment approved under part 36 and heavy-duty nonpermissible diesel-powered equipment in use in underground coal mines be tested and evaluated weekly.

A report entitled "An Emissions Assisted Maintenance Procedure (EAMP) for Diesel-Powered Equipment" was completed and distributed to assist mine operators in developing procedures by which this test can be performed.

One section of that report, "Selecting a Sampling Location Within the Exhaust System" refers to a flame-proof port that can be permanently installed in the exhaust system and to which a quick disconnect fitting can be attached through which a sample can be taken.

Jeffrey Mining Products and Dry Systems Technologies have recently received approval for such ports which may be installed, without further action by MSHA, on engines installed in any machine approved under part 36.

You may view a PDF version of a flyer released by Dry Systems Technologies utilizing the link provided below.

Sampling Port Kit for the Sampling of Carbon Monoxide.