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Longwall Respirable Dust Control


The Mine Safety and Health Administration is presenting this page in a continuing effort to "Control the Dust - Prevent Black Lung ." This page provides information and dust control techniques that will help operators reduce respirable coal dust on longwall operations. Dust control on Longwall operations continues to present challenges. Research, however, has led to the development of dust control techniques that work. We want to make this information available to all operators, so we are providing you with the following resource.

MSHA is offering a toolbox entitled:
    Practical Ways to Reduce Exposure to Coal Dust in Longwall Mining (PDF)
  • The Toolbox

    The "Toolbox" contains 20 techniques that can help mine operators reduce respirable dust on longwall mining sections. The longwall dust control parameters and dust sampling results allow you to compare installed controls with resulting dust levels. This information may be downloaded and/or printed, whichever suits your needs.