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Best Practices- Developed by the
Surface Haulage Safety Task Force
in Cooperation with MSHA


Many accidents involving on/off road trucks could have been avoided with a thorough preoperation inspection. A thorough preoperation inspection takes very little time and effort, but can greatly reduce the frequency and severity of accidents.

Use an inspection checklist to help identify safety hazards and operational readiness of the machine you are operating. The checklist should include but not be limited to the following:

Personal Safety Items External Checks CAUTION: Use the handrails, face the ladder and maintain the "three-points-of-contact" (2 feet and 1 hand or 1 foot and 2 hands) whenever climbing or descending the boarding ladder or steps. Operator's Cab Starting the Engine

Do not accelerate a cold engine. Allow the engine to idle until coolant temperatures show that the engine is warmed up. If the engine does not start, refer to the appropriate engine manual for additional instructions. Complete required inspection reports. Report mechanical problems and safety hazards immediately, and most of all, do not operate an unsafe machine.

Proceed with caution and follow all haulage safety rules and procedures.

U.S. Department of Labor
Mine Safety and Health Administration