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Best Practices- Developed by the
Surface Haulage Safety Task Force
in Cooperation with MSHA


The following procedures are designed to allow you to make a pre or postoperation inspection in one continuous trip around the truck. Start at the boarding ladder, conduct the inspection, and correct all safety or major mechanical problems before placing the truck in service.

These inspection items are generic and applicable to most models of surface haulage trucks.

Items identified with an asterisk (*) require specific information that must be obtained by consulting the manufacturer's operator or service manual.

Personal Safety Items External Checks

Make sure the access ladder is free of debris, securely fastened to the truck, and in general good condition. After confirming its condition, climb the ladder to the superstructure level.

CAUTION: Use the handrails, face the ladder and maintain the ©threepointsofcontactª (2 feet and 1 hand or 1 foot and 2 hands) whenever climbing or descending the boarding ladder or steps. Return to ground level and continue the inspection. Engine Starting Checks

The remainder of inspection checks are confined to the cab area. Turn "ON" the master switch, or any other switch(s) required to start the engine. Warn any people in the area that you are going to start the truck. Make sure they are clear of the truck, sound the horn, and wait a sufficient amount of seconds before starting the engine.

Starting the Engine