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Best Practices - Developed by the Surface Haulage Safety Task Force
in Cooperation with MSHA

Surface Mine, Powered Truck Haulage Dumping Procedures

Best practices go beyond preaching safety. Best practices provide you, the truck driver, with useful information on how to safely operate the truck and make you an active member of the mine safety team. The following best practices give you a starting kit of the best tools some of the safest mine companies in the U.S. can think of to help keep you safe. Be aware, however, that there are differences at your specific mine that can prevent using some of the best practices listed here.

You are the most valuable part of the truck. Operate defensively and be alert.

Your truck has a tremendous amount of power. Respect that power when operating it.

Learn the audible and visual signals to be used in your mine. Know who has the responsibility to give them.

Learn the operating specifications of the truck; they are found in the manufacturer's manual. If the truck does not have a manual, get one from your supervisor. Your life could depend on it.

Know the: Before operating the truck DUMPING PROCEDURES STOCKPILES

Stockpiles are especially hazardous when there are activities at the top edge and the toe. Loading out material at the toe causes sloughing which can cover the loader. It can also oversteepen the slope, making the top edge of the pile unstable for trucks which may be dumping at the top. SPOIL PILES

Spoil piles can be soft, weak, loose, and have steep slopes which may cause instablity. Of special concern are dumps that are constructed by trucks enddumping over the dump edge to form angleofrepose slopes. BINS AND HOPPERS

Watch for overhead obstructions, chutes, gratings, stopping blocks, and guide rails. Look over the area before pulling in to dump to check for any damage to any of these features. Dumping at these areas is very repetitive and special efforts are needed to maintain driver awareness.- stay alert.

U.S. Department of Labor
Mine Safety and Health Administration