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Best Practices - Developed by the Surface Haulage Safety Task Force
in Cooperation with MSHA


Miners who operate haulage machines should develop a "Zero Compromise" safety attitude. Simply put, this means that they will not operate equipment that is not properly maintained.

An operator's knowledge of the machine and how it works is directly proportional to his/her ability to safely operate the machine and to control it in an emergency.

Inspecting the workplace for potentially hazardous conditions is an important part of every equipment operator's job. At a minimum, this includes performing pre- and post-shift inspections of their machine. Using an equipment inspection system, will help the operator to make sure that the haulage machine is mechanically sound and in good operating condition.

The intent of the following list of items is not to turn you into a maintenance person, but to help you to gain a good working knowledge of the various components and systems of the machine you run.

Your Task Is To Before Starting Your Inspection The Inspection Process You Need To