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Best Practices - Developed by the Surface Haulage Safety Task Force
in Cooperation with MSHA


A ROPS/FOPS design is required to be certified by the manufacturer to comply with specific structural requirements.

The ROPS/FOPS system includes the structure, its mounts to the main frame, and the main frame.

Any repair or unauthorized modification made to ROPS/FOPS voids the certification unless specifically approved by the manufacturer or a registered professional engineer familiar with ROPS and FOPS.

ROPS/FOPS cannot be welded on, drilled into, cut into, repairs made to corrosion, or anything else that weakens the structure's ability to perform its intended function.

Bent, deformed, or broken ROPS/FOPS structure components, including mounting brackets, cannot be repaired.

ROPS/FOPS should be inspected daily for damage or loose bolts.

Every 1000 hours, or as specified by the machine or ROPS/FOPS manufacturer, the mounting bolt torque must be checked, and any missing or broken bolts must be replaced with manufacturers specified bolts.

U.S. Department of Labor
Mine Safety and Health Administration