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MSHA Job Safety Tips
ST Card No. 10

Underground Powered
Haulage Safety for Coal Mines


Powered haulage accidents continue to be a leading cause of mine fatalities. Most powered haulage accidents occur as a result of: To avoid powered haulage accidents, miners should: A brief summary of some fatal powered haulage accidents which occurred in 1996 follows:

February 15, 1996 -- A scoop operator was fatally injured while hauling stopping blocks to a section. The accident occurred because the victim apparently failed to observe how close he was to the coal rib and inadvertently positioned himself between the machine and the rib.

March 20, 1996 -- A scoop operator was using a scoop to clean loose coal beneath and around a mobile bridge section of a continuous haulage system. During the process, the scoop trammed under the bridge section and the scoop operator's head struck the mobile bridge, resulting in fatal injuries.

April 8, 1996 -- A laborer was fatally injured while rock dusting an area outby a dumping point, using a battery tractor and pulling a slinger duster. He was out of the tractor preparing to rock dust when the tractor began to roll down the grade, and pinned him under the front of the tractor.

September 30, 1996 -- A shuttle car operator was fatally injured when two shuttle cars collided in an intersection inby the dumping point in a belt entry.

October 24, 1996 -- A plant foreman was fatally injured while installing a connector link in a shuttle car conveyor drive sprocket chain. Electrical power was not removed from the conveyor drive motor before repairs were begun.

October 26, 1996 -- A laborer and a coworker were transporting a longwall equipment sled along the track to the longwall setup area. The load shifted and caused fatal injuries to the laborer. The accident occurred because the longwall equipment sled loaded onto two haulage vehicles was not secured in a manner that would prevent its movement.


U.S. Department of Labor
Mine Safety and Health Administration