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MSHA Job Safety Tips
ST Card No. 13

Continuous Miner/Loading Machine Operators and Helpers


Most coal mined today continues to be produced by continuous miners and loading machines, and the miners who operate them.

Causes of accidents to these occupations include: To prevent these types of accidents, miners should: A summary of some of the fatal injuries to continuous mining machine operators and helpers in 1996 are as follows:

April 20, 1996 -- A continuous mining machine operator and two other miners were installing a belt drive off of the main belt line. The miner operator was jacking the belt drive upwards, when either the drill steel slipped or the jack malfunctioned causing the drill steel to "kick". The drill steel hit the continuous mining machine operator and caused fatal injuries.

June 26, 1996 -- A roof fall occurred during the mining of a final pushout on a pillar block. The pushout block had just been timbered and mining started with a continuous mining machine, when the roof began to cave from right to left. The continuous miner operator and a continuous miner helper tried to run from the area, but the continuous miner operator was fatally injured.

November 1, 1996 -- A pillar crew was mining the first lift from a pillar block when the immediate mine roof cracked along the ribs between the pillar blocks. The crew ran outby the pillar line to get away from the bad roof. The continuous mining machine operator fell in front of the shuttle car and was run over. The shuttle car was being trammed out of the pillar lift.


U.S. Department of Labor
Mine Safety and Health Administration