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The following papers are being presented in either only PDF format or both HTML and PDF. Some of the papers were only available as hardcopy. These were provided to you only in PDF format. One paper, Safety Grounding - A Performance Approach was provided only in PDF due to the complex nature of the document. Due to several mathematical and scientific symbols not yet available in HTML we found this to be the most efficient way to provide this document for your use.

Various Papers

[HTML] [PDF] Ground Resistance Testing in the Mining Industry
[HTML] [PDF] MSHA Metal and Nonmetal Electrical Grounding Requirements
[HTML] [PDF] Safety Measurement of Ground Resistance
  [PDF] Safety Grounding - A Performance Approach
  [PDF] Ground Check Monitors for Underground Power Systems

Early MSHA Informational Report

  [PDF] IR 1081 (1978) Double Insulated Drill Tests

Bureau of Mines Information Circulars

  [PDF] IC 8767 (1978) Guide for the Construction of Driven-rod Ground Beds
  [PDF] IC 8835 (1980) Guide to Substation Grounding and Bonding for Mine Power Systems