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Part 48 applies to all underground mines and all other surface mines that are not included in Part 46.

Part 46 applies to the following types of mines: sand, gravel, surface stone, surface clay, surface limestone, colloidal phosphate, or shell dredging operations. Other mines included are: surface marble, granite, sandstone, slate, shale, traprock, kaolin, cement, feldspar, or lime operations.

Are You Under Part 46 or Part 48?

There are two types of training requirements in 30 CFR, Part 46 and Part 48.  

         Part 48 covers all underground mines, surface coal mines, and some surface metal/nonmetal mines.

         Part 46 on the other hand covers very specific types of mines.  NOTE: If you are a contractor at a Part 46 mine you may also be under Part 48.  

Please read the descriptions below to determine which Part you are under and click on the corresponding button.