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"Underground Electrical Safety"
An Electrical Awareness Training Program
This program will discuss some of the more common types of electrical hazards that may be found in underground mines. While being of benefit to certified electricians as a review, this program deals with basic electrical safety and is intended for the general underground mining population. This electrical awareness program consists of two parts that are designed to be presented consecutively. Part 1 of this program is an 18 minute videotape entitled "Underground Electrical Safety" while Part 2 consists of a set of question and answer slides available in Microsoft Powerpoint® format. We are providing you with the Powerpoint® presentation which may be viewed or downloaded using your internet browser (you will need IE 5.0 or higher to view the presentation in your browser). We have also converted the Powerpoint® presentation to HTML which may be viewed in any browser that supports frames.

  • Make the viewer aware of some of the electrical hazards that can exist in underground mines
  • Reinforce basic electrical safety concepts
  • Develop the observation skills necessary to recognize electrical hazards
  • Demonstrate knowledge gained by participating in a question and answer session at the conclusion of the program
Target Audience
  • General underground mining population