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"Underground Electrical Safety"
Powerpoint® Presentation
Following the videotape, a set of Microsoft Powerpoint® slides are to be used to reinforce the safety principles found on the videotape. The slides contain some basic questions and answers concerning the electrical hazards and safety principles discussed during the videotape. The slides are not a stand-alone program and should be used to enhance the safety awareness of all attendees who watch the videotape. The slides are intended to be used by the instructor to:
  • Provide an instructor-led question and answer session concerning electrical safety immediately following the videotape
  • Reinforce the safety procedures in place at an underground mining operation
    • 1.   The question slide is shown first in order to:
        Generate discussion among the attendees
        Review the information found on the videotape
        Provide feedback to the instructor of attendees general level of understanding

      2.   The answer slide is then shown in order to:
        Reinforce the information discussed on the videotape
        Provide another forum for discussion
The presentation is provided in two formats. You may download/view the Powerpoint® version. The HTML version may be viewed as you would any web pages.