National Mine Health and Safety Academy

Diesel Inspection of
Underground Coal Mine Equipment
Wagner Model LST-5S Scoop

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  1. General
  2. Operator's Compartment
  3. Power Package
  4. Fuel System
  5. Fire Suppression System
  6. Electrical System
  7. Miscellaneous

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This material should be used for training purposes only. It is primarily designed for trainers, maintenance personnel, and coal industry safety inspectors. It may also be beneficial for others who work in a mine where this type of equipment is used.

The Wagner LST-5S scoop is one of many permissible diesel machines. Similar training materials may be developed for other equipment in the future. Although there are specific inspection procedures described that pertain only to the Wagner scoop, many of the procedures are general and would apply to all permissible diesel equipment.

A generic weekly inspection checklist and equipment-specific checklists for permissible diesel equipment are available over the internet at:

It is emphasized that required examinations and tests of diesel equipment must be conducted in accordance with approved checklists and manufacturers’ maintenance manuals.

A quick review of the full presentation may take about an hour. Two to four hours may typically be needed in a classroom situation with discussion and inclusion of regulatory and other reference materials.