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Scales of Justice Office of the Solicitor
Division of Mine Safety and Health
Representing the Mine Safety and Health Administration in litigation, appellate, and
rulemaking matters arising under the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977.

bullet Division of Mine Safety and Health
    SOL Division of Mine Safety and Health
    201 12th St S
    Suite 401
    Arlington, VA 22202-5414
    202-693-9392 (fax)

      April E. Nelson, Associate Solicitor
      Thomas A. Paige, Deputy Associate Solicitor
      Jason S. Grover, Counsel for Trial Litigation
      Ali A. Beydoun, Counsel for Appellate Litigation
      Brad J. Mantel, Counsel for Standards and Legal Advice
bullet SOL Regional Offices

bullet What's New?
Litigation, rulemaking, criminal, and other activities.
bullet Frequently Asked Questions
This page includes answers to "How do I contest a citation/order?" and "How do I contest a civil penalty assessment?"
bullet Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission
This page is your gateway to Commission decisions, ALJ decisions, Court of Appeals decisions and more...
bullet The Acts and Legislative Histories
This page includes links to the MINER Act, the Mine Act, the Coal Act, the Metal/Nonmetal Act and Legislative Histories.